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Free Stuff

I know this is not the best use of this community, but I feel compelled to try this, as I've already done craig's list and freecycle for some of these, and got no takers. Besides, I've gotten some good free stuff from folks here... so maybe I can return the favor? The stuff is located in Fairfax (very near Vienna Metro), but I might be able to get it close to you during my travels if we can work out something mutually convenient.

First of all: I have a 19 inch 'gateway' CRT monitor... in case that doesn't resonate, this is a huge old thing -- think 2ft by 2ft by 2ft -- but it is in great shape, and has a pretty decent picture -- hardly used. We had it hooked to our 4th computer before the 2d computer died and now we have no use (nor space) for it. Anyone want it?

second: A very tired love seat. It isn't uncomfortable, but it isn't pretty, either. It wasn't very attractive to begin with, and it is old, has some stains, and a few tears. The back bolster foam is pretty tired, and, well, it just isn't pretty. However, I suspect it was a great piece of furniture in its day (it appears to be 'bauhaus' brand (I know bauhaus as a design movement... not a brand?), and I believe I found a 'made in W. Germany label in it somewhere... that gives you some idea of age). I suspect that if you are a re-upholstery hobbyist, you could have a really nice piece, as the frame seems very solid, and the whole thing seems well built. I am including a few small pictures. The tears in the side (pictured) mostly do not show with the cushions in place.

If it is an added inducement, we also have a matching sleep sofa -- which is actually in somewhat worse shape than the loveseat. :/ Further, I have a van, and I will consider delivery within a reasonable distance (defined for this purpose as closer than the nearest charity donation center that still takes furniture), as long as someone can help with the unloading and movement into the new location.

third: I have a very old JVC VHS-C video camcorder. This unit is so old that the camera is actually a separate device from the 'VCR', though they share a frame. The camera itself seems to be in working order -- at least, it shows images through the viewfinder when it is powered up -- but the VCR unit is not working. Specifically, the tape door does not open. It could be that the unit works fine if you can get the door opened, but I have no way of knowing, and don't want to tear into it and make things worse. It powers up, and 'runs' but then powers down, presumably because it detects the absence of a tape. I suspect that its best use is as a prop as it looks very much like a professional grade camera, but it would appear that the camera could be used with some other recording device, or if you are handy, perhaps the VCR could be repaired.

Lastly, I have a Kitchenaid blender with a burned out motor (I think the motor is burned out -- it doesn't work... could be a fuse or thermal switch). I believe we have all of the parts, including the glass jar, blades, top, etc... It was just out of warranty when it died. I doubt it is economical to fix, but if you are handier than I am, it is yours. Or if you need the parts.

Anyway, respond here if you have interest, or shoot me an e-mail at cptjohnc at gmail dot com.

Oh -- I am cross posting this to some other local communities, so I'm sorry if you see this more than once.
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