also_huey (also_huey) wrote in fairfax_county,

New favorite restaurant

I'm kind of upset that I've managed to live here for eight years before learning about Vinnie's in Fairfax. This is rapidly becoming my favorite restaurant. Having been single and living alone for a year or so, I've eaten at restaurants quite a lot -- I eat dinner just about every night at the Little Italy in Annandale frexample, mostly because it's close to my house -- but for my money, Vinnie's is about the best thing going on.

If you want a decent steak in a place to hang out with a bunch of friends, or to see and be seen, you could go to Sweetwater or Silverado or Mike's. If you don't give a shit about atmosphere or where all the cool people are, and you just want to eat some excellent food, you've got to try Vinnie's. So far, I'm high on the steak au poivre and the lobster vincenza, but I suspect I'll be working my way through the rest of the menu over the next couple months.
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