Jess (jessiebeans) wrote in fairfax_county,

Lost Dog Rose Hill area...

Ollie was just adopted by his new family yesterday afternoon and this
morning at 7:00 am something scared him on his walk and he pulled away from
his owner.

Ollie is about 20 pounds, short and stout, black with some tan and is
wearing a Harley Davidson Collar, a red harness and dragging a red leash.
Ollie is VERY afraid of people, but may approach another dog.

Ollie has his Furry Suits Rescue tag on - it is a silver bone and the number
to call is (571) 235-0222.

If you have any info or if you have seen him please call the number above.
He is only 7 months old, very afraid and I'm sure VERY cold. He has been out
there alone for 3 hours.

Thank you!
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